SJCAM M20 Review : A Closer Look

Recently, I purchased the SJCAM M20 and tested it right away. The first thing I did was unboxing it then I put the battery on and take a photo. As easy as 1 2 3. It doesn’t take me 10 minutes. So, I decided to make a review article for the SJCAM M20.


The SJCAM M20 has all kinds of features that make it a lot better than its predecessors. Not only because of the M20’s size makes it different, as it is SJCAM’s smallest camera to date weighing in at only 55 grams, this small but terrible camera has Sony IMX206 16MP Sensor. It has Gyro Stabilization which helps in reducing camera shake. Wi-Fi function with Novatek NTK96660 Chipset is also one of its feature. It also has a function for remote.

M20 also is cheaper than a Go Pro but the results are not far behind.  Has adjustable FOV (narrow center width), 2160P (2880 * 2160p) – the 4K option in the menu is interpolated, ultra-compact, slow motion: -2X, -4X, -8X, – Adjustable wide-angle lens, adjustment between the width , medium, narrow, 1.5 “LCD screen, anti-fisheye mode, video recording / time-lapse photography, continuous shooting, recording up to 3 frames per second (for fast shutter speed), underwater shooting mode, dashcam mode, motion detection ,

The SJCAM HD app in Playstore is a great feature where you can connect your android with your SJ. You can view directly on your android device what your M20 is seeing.

It also has the time lapse and slowmo features which I found really interesting. You can shoot raw just like your DSLR. You can also shoot the Milky Way by setting your SJCAM M20 to slower shutter speed.

Shot using SJCAM M20

Underwater shot

SJCAM M20 and other SJCAM action cameras is user-friendly and very handy. There are accessories available in the market. The battery lasts up to 80 minutes of continuous video recording (as a result to time lapse recording). The camera will get hot as being used just like other electronics and I think this is pretty normal.
There are also lots of available accessories in the market. You can interchange the face plate to your favorite color. There are available stabilizers, dome, etc. that can be used when needed. The only problem I encountered so far was the rusting of the metal in the waterproof case after I used it underwater (seawater). Nevertheless, a thumbs up from me.

Overall, SJCAM M20 is a great Action/Sports Camera for me. It has a good image quality and smart functions. The videos are great and awesome. I would recommend this to all who loves travels and adventures. It is also great for aerial photography as it weighs less. 


You can visit this link for time lapse samples .

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