About Photography TYUDORIALS


Tyudor is a photography enthusiast who, at the same time, an Engineer, and working as a Statistician. A Jack of all Trade, and truly a Master of None (haha). I love photography very much and explore almost every aspect of it. I don’t have formal training about photography and my photography skills are not perfect. What I use is an old model DSLR camera which I bought some six years ago.

There were lots of people interested in photography like me, so I decided to put into writing what I have learned thru research, mistakes (lots of it), conversation with other photographers, and own experiences. I want to provide information that could help other photographers/enthusiasts with their photography hardships, what gear or camera is best suited for them, my own photography experiences, and anything about photography that they might want to know.



Photography Tyudorials is a website for photographers, beginners, and enthusiasts. This is my way of reciprocating the learnings I acquired thru other photographers’ insights and experiences. It is filled with tutorials (where I got the domain name together with my name Tyudor + Tutorials = tyudorials.com), tips, DIYs, techniques, reviews, step by step guide, weekend projects, and discussions.

I hope you enjoy this site and the articles posted in here. I also hope that you can get a lot of useful information to really improve your photography. If this site helps you or managed to provide you satisfaction please pass it on to your friends and other person that you know. My worry is that the only hit it gets per day is when I viewed it. Haha


All articles posted in this site are my original content based on research and own experiences. The photos were my own except for those that were from Canva and pexels. The articles were completely free but please do not copy whole or any part of it as well as any photographs without a written consent from me.



“I believe that every great and renowned photographer started from being a beginner. A beginner who explores what is and what’s not. An artist yet to be discovered, and with some guidance will give amazing images to the world. With this, I created this website, Photography Tyudorials, to give some tips, photography hacks, DIYs, discussions, rules, reviews, and a lot more. So get your camera and join me for every weekend photography projects, gear reviews, and getting in focus with everything about photography. If you have knowledge and experiences you want to share, just contact me and together we learn.”