Anniversary Contest

Anniversary Contest

Anniversary Contest is here!

Hello everyone. The month of October marks the first anniversary of Photography Tyudorials. And I want all of you to be part of the celebration.

For the one year of sharing photography tips and tutorials, I am encouraging you all to join the first ever “Photography Content Writing Contest”. I will be giving away USD 20 for the winner. It’s not much but will surely be a good start. There will be a contest every year and hopefully the prize will go up.

Entry Fee: Free
Participants: Anyone can join
Winner will get USD 20 (thru PayPal)

How does the winner be determined:

The winner will be determined by the number of likes in the website. The competition will be the whole month of October and November. The winner will be announced on December 1, 2018, simultaneous with the end of the voting (thru fb likes). The article/s you submit can be liked as early as it gets posted.

When to start the submission:

You can start submitting your articles starting September 18, 2018. The early birds will have the advantage as they have the longer voting period.

Where to submit:

Submit your entries (article in word format and images in jpeg) at

Anniversary Contest Rules and Mechanics:

  1. Write an article about photography with not less than 400 words. Article should be in English.
  2. Article could be anything related to photography. It can be Photography tips, tutorials, DIYs, hacks, your photography experiences, etc.
  3. Must be written by you. Should be original and not been published before or in the future, be it in publications or in the web.
  4. No profane language allowed. No bad words that can offend others.
  5. You should provide at least two images related to your article. (you should be the owner of the images and you can still use them anywhere).
  6. By submitting the article and the images, you are giving Photography Tyudorials the rights and authority to publish them in the website.
  7. You will still be acknowledge as the writer of the article. Your name will appear as the content writer. (your website, if there is any, will also appear for baclinks).
  8. You can submit as many articles as you can.
  9. Dummy FB accounts are NOT allowed. Once the system identified a fake FB account likes, the article will automatically disqualified.
  10. There should be at least 10 articles. If there are less than 10 entries, the contest will be extended.

Should you have any concerns, feel free to contact me at

Good luck!!!

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