Why Should You Continue Your Photography Career?

Photography could be too frustrating at some point, but why should you continue your photography career ? Every well-known photographer came to a point where they feel like giving up. It is normal. Any activity could give you frustrations if the tide doesn’t come your way.

Photography Career

The early stage of your photography career.

During the first few months of your photography career, you surely are very inspired and eager to go out and shoot any subject you wish to capture. The weather cannot stop you.  You explore the web and search for topics related to photography.

The disheartening stage of your photography career.

Then, you will see other images made by other photographers. You try to copy their subjects, the framing, the techniques, etc. Afterwards, you feel bad at your work because it isn’t good enough. You search the web for more ways to be good at photography.

The moving on part from your photography career.

You still cannot get the images you wanted after so many research made. Then you accept that photography is not your journey to take. You stop using your camera and at some point you ended up selling your gears.

I, personally, am committed to macro photography at that time. I searched for macro photography images, suited gears and cameras, tips and techniques, and even alternatives or hacks. It was so inspiring that I always keep on shooting at any coin, insects, and flowers. I also got interests on bird photography. I joined wild bird photographer groups in fb to share my images of endemic bird species in our locality. There, I realize that I am not a good photographer. I saw tons of great bird images that were really jaw dropping. I realized that in photography one must have lots of guts and money (not just willingness and talent). Then, I stopped shooting. If you experienced these things, I want to tell you again that it is normal.

So what keep the fire burning in me to continue? Why should you continue your photography career?

Let me put it this way. “Basa ka na. Maligo ka na.” It is in Filipino and it means that, “you are already wet so you should take a bath”. The message is strong and very logical. You are already into it, so why not continue, already gained knowledge and skill and already ventured in it. The hard works, the resources, and the disappointments will come into waste if you stopped. Remember when I said “I realized that in photography one must have lots of guts and money (not just willingness and talent).” That is true but money is just a few percentage to it. You need more guts, perseverance, and a ton of positive thinking.

Though I stopped shooting for a while, I never stopped reading photography magazines. One time I joined a photo contest I found in a magazine. I managed to be in the top ten and got my image published. That boosted my morale. Then I decided to launch this website to share my learnings and experiences.

Never give up.

It is just a matter of patience to really be successful in photography. We should for our time to really be successful in our own photography career. Let us continue dreaming and working for our dreams to come true.

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