How To Become A Photographer

How to become a photographer ? Does owning a camera and taking photos make you one?
Technically speaking, yes. However, there’s a lot about photography than having an SLR. More than what we know about pressing the shutter goes along with making an image. Bunch of technicalities and a lot of framing the shot are needed. There are so many rules in Photography that should be understood just to be able to break them. Following the rules is almost a must so that a safety shot is in the bag. But sometimes breaking them makes the greatest images.

Artistry in photography

Does being artistic a one way on how to become a photographer?

Photography is an art. It is much like of painting made through music. Wherein, the lullaby sounds great in a visual form. Bringing the ingredient together just like in cooking is how it is formed. The taste of its colors and lighting play good harmony together.

Having an eye for art is needed in Photography. But How to become a photographer if this kind of eye is missing?

Photography as a Science

A camera is a machine. No doubt about it. You don’t have to understand every single function of the small mechanical parts of your camera or lens. However, the process on which the image was formed should be mastered. This is because the process shows what are needed to make a single photograph. Aside from hardware, the elements that play the greatest role in achieving a picture are determined. With this, you gain the idea of what is important and what should you do to fully utilise it.

We all know that light plays a big role in Photography. So, using the light better is a key. Thus, manipulation of light should be learned. Identifying different kinds of light is skill that will help you boost the photographer in you.

Manipulating light is a key on How to become a photographer. So how would you manipulate it?

Controlling the light

In the previous articles we have talked so much about the Exposure Triangle. It is composed of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. Being able to use this three factors is a game changer. Please feel free to check these three by reading previous discussions about them.

Meanwhile, there is artificial light.

Use artificial light

If natural light is so poor and a well lit environment is needed use external light source. Some artificial light source could be an external flash (the pop up flash in your camera is not advisable), LED/ring light, studio light, spotlight.

Being able to harness the ability of each light source is a powerful skill.

Do you need high end gears to become a photographer?

Not really though having them is an advantage. A decent camera and a pair of lens is enough. We should focus on skills. Invest in knowledge. Read, learn, and shoot. You become photographer by learning, understanding, and doing. On the other hand, we do not close our thoughts of having a better gear with us.

So, How to become a photographer now? Pretty much simple right? Let us make a summary of what we have discussed on how to become a photographer.

How to become a photographer : The Summary

Firstly, read. Read your camera and gears. This is by knowing their strengths and weaknesses. Read the manuals, the specifications, and reviews about them. Read photography tutorials, tips, and blogs.

Secondly, learn. Learn from experts and writings. Develop a habit of learning based on what you read and experienced. Learn the buttons and options in your camera and gears. Understand the situation. Make yourself aware of your subject and how to make it standout.

How to become a photographer

Lastly, just shoot. Experience is the best teacher, definitely. Do not stop taking photos and compare each pictures. Look at the settings and the results. You will gradually have an eye for every situation. Artistry will soon flow from your veins. Reaction to every scenario will be involuntary. Little by little, you could feel that you ate becoming not just a photographer but a better photographer.

Consistency is also a key factor. Do not stop taking pictures. Being able to practice your photography skill will sharpen it. In addition, you will be able to notice the improvements of your photos. Do not stop.

Moreover, do not get frustrated. The journey will be bumpy but worth it.

This is How to become a photographer.

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