What is ISO in Photography?

Being a photography beginner, I am very curious about ISO. I believe it is with that much of importance in photography. And I actually correct about that. So I worked with my research about ISO in photography.

ISO in photography is the sensitivity of the camera’s sensor to light. The light enters the lens of the camera and the exposure is converted into the image. ISO, along with aperture and shutter speed, complete the process. Thus, it generally varies from 100 to 51200 or more, depending on the camera. ISO number in the camera is usually 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400 etc. (ISO is duplicated). The lower the ISO number, the lower the sensitivity (sensor) for light. This means that the sensor becomes more sensitive to light as the ISO value increases.

Basically, the lower ISO 100 and 200 are used outdoors where the sun is shining. The 400 can be used indoors, 800 indoors for low light. Some cameras have an automatic ISO setting that sets the aperture or shutter speed (depending on what you want to use as a fixed value) to a specific value and that the ISO automatically calculates the ISO.

A higher ISO setting could produce brighter and better pictures when it comes to exposure.

Shooting with higher ISO values ​​could provide enough light to produce pretty good images, but the quality could be at stake. This is because using a higher ISO setting increases image noise and produces loud photos that are clearly visible in printouts. Photographing at the lowest possible ISO is the usual photography principle. The photo below shows unwanted noise especially at the edge of the dark parts. This reduces the quality of the picture. It could also affect the sharpness of the image.

ISO in Photography
I believe the ISO setting of this photo is 400. This ISO is not that high but the noise is still very evident.

ISO in Photography

Keep in mind that ISO is just one of the three basic component to have the exposure that the photographer wants. Proper mixing of these three could result to a better (if not the best) image you could possibly have. Setting the ISO is just one of the many things you have to consider in photography. There is also shutter speed and aperture that completes the exposure triangle together with ISO. 

In my experience as a photographer, it is hard to control everything at once. However, with practice and research, everything will come to you. ISO, for example, needs to be set in compatibility with the kind of light you use. You should also consider how much light is present. Some lights are strong and harsh. Some are softer.

ISO should also blend in with the white balance you chose. The color of the light is also a factor. These things are equally important in photography. So I will make an article for all of this topics.

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Thank you.  Read. Learn. Shoot. Happy shooting.


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