Different Types of Photography

Types of Photography or Genre of Photography should be understood for you to determine what best fits you.

In this article we will discuss different Genre or Types of Photography in order for you to be familiar and knowledgeable regarding photography and its components.

Photography is not just taking photos of different subjects and publishing it either in print or in digital format. It is more than that. Photography is an art. It is an emotional avenue of expressing one’s self. Choosing your own style and creative approach could help you a lot in improving the way you see things, your perspective.

Photography Genre
There are different genre or Types of Photography. They are landscape, aerial, panorama, black & white, and color, to name a few. Choosing a genre could define you as a photographer and as a person. What I mean is it defines you, as a person is the open-ness of your mind, your emotional capability, and the creativeness of your imagination.

1. Assess yourself. Take a closer look at your personality. You must know yourself well. What are  your likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, and what interests you. Know your limits. Always keep in mind that only you can tell what is the best for you. Although, sometimes other people tell you what you are. Don’t mind them because no one knows you better but yourself.

2. Know your physical and financial abilities. Some Types of Photography require physical strength some are not so it is important to know. Strengthen your balance and grip (a better photographer possesses it). You should also know your financial ability as well because different genre uses different kinds of gears and equipment. Know different lens that best suit each genre.

3. Try them all. At first, you should go out of your comfort and try them all. When trying all different Types of Photography , you are indulging yourself within. Not only shooting mindlessly just to comply but putting yourself inside the system. You can do this by reading blogs, ebooks, magazines, testimonies, etc. Additionally, you could also talk to other photographers that are in the field you want to know better. Pursue what best fits you and what makes you feel good.

Always remember that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So you should really have to know the Types of Photography you want to pursue. Try doing different approach.

4. Experiment. After choosing what you think best fits you, try experementing to truly feel the passion. You can explore and find what part of this genre is your weaknesses and limits. Follow rules in photography that you know. However, trying to break them is sometimes better. By experimenting, you will know where your good at.

5. Enjoy in expressing yourself. If you are enjoying then stay. This is probably the best photography genre for you. In addition, you should try expressing yourself more and have a life out of it. Be creative and passionate in everything you do. Nothing is hard if you love what you do.

“Remember to work hard and play harder.”


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