8 Things to Consider in Doing Bird Photography

Bird Photography or Wildlife Photography is one of the most challenging genre of photography. Here are the 8 Things to Consider in Bird Photography.


In bird photography, you need to keep distance so you will not scare away the birds. You need a good telephoto lens for this. Telephoto lens are quite expensive that will cost you some bucks. A 400mm or 500 mm prime lens are some telephoto lenses that will give you best results. Luckily, there are these third party lenses that could give you the same good results. Tamron for example has their 150-600mm lens that is pretty much perfect for bird photography.

Be sure you use the appropriate lens for bird photography.

Sigma also has their own version of this telephoto. You can use a tele converter to increase the ability of your lens. You can also use a decent 70-300mm lens but you cannot get super close up or a head shot of the bird especially if it is a small species.

bird photography tips


You can shoot hand held but you can always count on a sturdy tripod. This will allow you to shoot without camera shake or some blur. In addition, it is automatic that when you shoot with great magnification will double the little shake because it is also magnified. Be sure that you can easily move your camera even it is attached to a tripod because birds may move side to side or from place to place.

Birds and wildlife has optimum visual ability that is why any unfamiliar movements and unnatural visuals could shoo them away.


Be sure you are covered up. Try not to go out there without any means of minimizing your presence. Birds might notice you and fly away. Avoid wearing shirts with neon colors or any other unnatural colors. Try wearing brown or pale green so birds might see you as part of the wild. There are good apparels printed as camouflage or branches or striped like grass or bushes. Animals’ senses are more sensitive than humans, so they can smell you from afar. Moreover, do not use perfumes and  consider where the wind blows to avoid your scent towards the bird.

       Bird Photography is a statue game.


You should also consider your movements. Any sudden movement how little it may be, will distract the birds and scare them away. Be fluid on your movements and do not make any noise that could trigger the alarm of panic for the birds. Don’t get too excited on photographing birds. It make you lose focus and make unnecessary movements.


It is important to study the area first. It is for your own safety. Shooting in the wild means you are susceptible to snakes or any other aggressive animals that could cause your life. Studying the area is not all about your safety. You could predetermine were you might position yourself and what kind of bird species you might encounter. Veteran and Ace bird photographers already know the species they are after before even travelling to the place. A little research and testimonials from other bird photographers, villagers, and forest rangers are very much helpful.

Bird photography
Captured using CANON EOS 400D and Sigma 70-300 with TRIPOD support


Composition is very important in any photoshoot. So consider on how to frame your shot. In bird photography you usually want to shoot very close to show details and plumage of the bird. You can also take a docu shot or a shot that includes the bird and its environment.


It is advisable to go birding with other bird photographers. One companion maybe enough, just don’t do it alone. It is nice to have someone that will cover your back and vice versa. You can exchange ideas about the shot, the species, or anything that could help you with your shots.

Weather forecast. 

It is a must to check the latest weather bulletin of the area before birding. This will allow you to decide whether to go or not. If the rain pours and you’re not ready this might cause you your camera and gears.

Do you want to know the best telephoto lens? I will write down my personal opinion once we have tried different telephoto lens. We will make a review of a telephoto lens that we will try to use soon. Thank you for reading our article. Please comment below for any suggestions or comments or questions.


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