Key Photography Tips for Bloggers

Photography tips for bloggers to boost their articles.

Key photography tips for bloggers is a comprehensive article to help bloggers on boosting their blog post. Breaking the monotony of an all word article posts.

A photograph tells a story. It is the way you present your images to convey your message. Putting a good quality image in every post is as important as the article itself. There are lots of things why the latter is a fact. I am going to share with you every important pointers on how to boost your articles with the help of images.

Why is an image important in every article?

Who wanted to read an article without any pictures? I, personally, do not want to look at a blog post without any image on it. It looks dull and long. An article discusses what you are trying to convey to your readers but the images shows it. Plain and simple.

However, this does’t mean that you put every image you have to make it happen. You do not want to make your post a photo album. Two (2) to three (3) images will do. You could put maximum of five (5) images if the post is so long that some visual elements could break boredom.

How would you get images?

Photography Tyudorials
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There are many ways to get images you needed for your posts. The first one is to buy photos from freelancers and or professional photographers at a cheap price. If you don’t have the resources to afford paid photos, you might want to get a free stock photo. There are lots of sites offering free stock images, one of which is However, you might be seeing same images in other sites. Another one way is to take photos yourself. This way alone could give you original photos that will best show what you want to convey.

If you decided to take your own photos

In this photography tips for bloggers article, we will discuss what do you need, what to do with what you have, and how to do it.

First thing is to know what you need.

A good and reliable camera is the main thing you need. A DSLR camera is a better option and all the gears and equipment that rides along with it. The things that you need actually depends on your niche or what your blog is all about. Some blogger needs a waterproof and lightweight camera (travel bloggers), some needs a strobe light and diffuser (food bloggers and the like), etc.

We will not discuss details with this because the main focus now is what you already have. Moreover, there will be a separate discussion just in case you want to upgrade or you want to know which camera will best suits you. So let us put our focus on the photography tips for bloggers.

Secondly, focus on what you have.

Focusing on the camera and gears that you have right now is the  most important in this photography tips for bloggers. It is because I believe that skill is always better than equipment. Every camera, lens, flash, tripod, etc were built to serve their functions. There were only advantages with higher grade equipment of course. If you have the ability to upgrade, then upgrade. But only if you have mastered your gear. Read the specification of the gear for you to know its strengths and weaknesses. Experiment with it. Explore every button and every dials you found.

Let’s get down to business.

Photography Tips for Bloggers.

ESTABLISH A LIGHT SOURCE. You will always need light to show your subject. Be sure to have at least one light source. For a more realistic image, use the natural light as much as possible. But don’t get me wrong, artificial lighting could be as good as the natural light– sometimes better. It really depends on what subject you are shooting. A well lit composition is almost automatically great image. This is because underexposed image will have more noise when adjusted in post processing. Unless of course you wanted an image with minimum exposure. You can also use fire if it’s what the mood needs. Avoid using candles though. The light from a candle is so small and very unstable (unlike with bonfire). However, you can use a reflector to bounce of the light and make it more stable.


When you think of composition and drama, rule of thirds is very handy (click here to know what is Rule of Thirds). Driving the eyes of your reader to the subject will be easily achieved. However, breaking the rule can be the best option. Just keep in mind that every situation needs different approach. It is on you to identify the best approach you can do.


The brightness of the image is very important. You  have to identify the exposure triangle (ISO, Shutter speed, and Aperture). When you understand these three, you will be equipped on how to adjust the setting of the camera at a given situation. An example is when you are shooting landscapes in a bright midday or when shooting at night.


I always encourage every photographer to post process their image to make sure of the good quality. In post processing, you can have adjustments on exposure, contrast, vibrance, and you can crop as well. Always remember this: “garbage in – garbage out”. You can’t turn a poor image into a great one. Post processing is not magic.


Since I encourage you to post process your image, you might want to shoot in RAW format. With this, the image will not lose details during the image compression. The image will be more flexible during the post processing. Just a reminder, you cannot shoot RAW in full automatic mode. So, you might learn to shoot in manual mode or in semi-automatic mode (Aperture Priority Mode is a good choice).


The background is as important as the subject. The background is intended to make your subject pop-up. Use neutral colors as a background but you can also use vibrant colors. Remember that you can always break the rule in photography. Just make sure that the subject will be easily noticeable against the background.

Photography Tips for Bloggers


What I mean is, you have to have a Plan B. For example, if you are a travel blogger, you have to be ready with a backup camera. Every moment is a once in a lifetime. Another one is, if you cannot get the perfect shot you want, try shooting is in black and white. It is because a black and white photo is a classic choice and it do not get out of tune. Plan ahead, take time to understand what might happen. Having a backup plan is as good as a successful future.

This photography tips for bloggers are intended to help you in boosting the quality of every post you make. I hope that, in some way, I imparted some knowledge and helped you understand some vague ideas. Thank you for taking time in reading. If you have any comments , suggestions, or questions just use the contact form and I am very much willing to help.

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