5 Mistakes Photography Beginners Do

Photography Beginner Mistakes

The mistakes photography beginners do could be avoided with guidance from a photographer who experienced and realized his mistakes over time. There are mistakes I have done during my early days in photography. Those mistakes gave me hard realizations. This is why I tried to identify the unnoticeable ones.

This five mistakes photography beginners could experience is a summary of some of my experiences and researches.

1. Shooting in full auto every time.

The safest shot a beginner could get is setting the camera in full automatic mode. It is good, but every photographer should learn how to let go his fear of shooting too bright, or too dark.

Starting to shoot in semi manual is a task to be done. It is a skill that can be acquired over time. Practice shooting in full manual mode.
Shooting in full automatic lets the camera decide for every scenario. It is one of the mistakes photography beginners do. Brightness, aperture, and shutter speed is being calibrated by the camera. It is particularly on how it assess the lightning condition. This holds back the skill of the photographer in identifying the intensity of light, the brightness of light, etc. In the long run, the photographer will be   disappointed with the image shot in full automatic mode due to blur, underexposure, and noise.

pin for Photo beginners

2. Skipping the post processing.

Most beginning photographers do not accept post processing as a part of photography. Skipping the post processing of captured images is also one of the mistakes photography beginners will encounter. Post processing is now a vital part of digital photography. Although what comes out straight from the camera is still the biggest factor in achieving the best possible image. However, post processing will only be successful if the input photo is basically acceptable. So skill set in capturing the image is still necessary and post processing is a must (some may disagree).
There are so many post-processing software present in the digital world. Lightroom and photoshop are the two I found most handy. However both have their own specialty to be familiarized with. We will discuss them different post.

Do not stop after the shutter.

3. Gear centered.

It is a wrong attitude to be  focusing much on camera specifications. In case you’re stucked with lower spec gears, getting the right setting is a better option. However, we know that it is an advantage to have better gears. Blaming the camera for low quality images is a big NO. In addition, you cannot always rely on your gears. They might fail sometimes during an event.

4.Being Conservative.

Think out of the box. Following the rules is safe but not necessarily the best option. Sometimes taking pictures of a common subject using unconventional style would result to an outstanding image.
Moreover, being too conservative will not bring the best in everything. But my advice is to shoot first following the rules before breaking them.

5. Giving up.

This is a mortal sin. Not just in Photography but in everything. No one will ever succeed after quiting. However, trying to do the best out of oneself could be hard but do not give up.
Most beginners got disappointed after some months. This is a normal part of the job. No one succeeded overnight.
However, these mistakes could be avoided. It’s normal that you encountered these mistakes. Remember that we learn from mistakes. Do not be afraid in taking risks. Just read, learn, and shoot to your success.


Mistakes are inevitable. At least we avoid the grave ones.

Happy shooting.


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