Travel Photography Tips: What to Photograph During Travel

Travel Photography Tips that will make your next travel a memorable one.

During every travel, you surely want to photograph every adventures and capture each moments. The thing is that you have to plan your itinerary to avoid unnecessary circumstances. Prepare all your things and make sure to bring water proof bag to protect your belongings. Here are some Travel Photography Tips for your next adventures.

We compiled important ideas on what to photograph during your travel. Allow us to discuss these travel photography tips to help you in your next travel adventures.

1. Landscape.

Every place in your travel list definitely has something scenic to offer. Do not forget to shoot every landscape that symbolizes your visit. Always bring with you your wide-angle lens to capture a vast area of land or sea. Your kit lens could be a good wide lens. Remember that adding the element of water to your landscape can add some drama and magic.

2. People.

Shooting people whether a portrait or group will show the story of the place. Capturing a citizen of the place doing his everyday task is a big yes. This could add more flavor to a simple snapshot. Tribes from the place are good subjects that will show the richness of the place’s culture.

Aside from landscapes, capturing people from the locality is almost mandatory. You have to go for it whenever and wherever you go. Do not worry that they might refuse when you ask to take a photo. Every people are friendly enough to let you take a shot. However, just don’t pursue  when they refuse.

3. Architecture.

Capturing a photo of some buildings like old church, monument, houses, etc. will allow you to tell the history of the place through your photos. Big pillars and or domes can tell from what culture it may have originated. Houses will show how people live their everyday lives.

Travel Photography

4. Busy streets.

Getting a snapshot of the real world of the place, how busy or calm the place is, could show the summary of the entire place. Rush hour, noise from the buses, or any vehicle gives the place its distinctive character. Business of the street could be somewhat dangerous to you and your gears. However, the rawness and truthfulness that it offers could be enough to take the risk. So, you should bring with you your street photography skills as well.

5. Wildlife.

I would never end my travel without photographing some endemic birds or land animals. These species are must see, must be photographed amazing creatures. You might consider bringing with you a telephoto lens.

Wildlife is one of the best way to portray the diversity and abundance of the place. Some species of birds or animals can only be found in a specific country or area. Capturing an image of such animal makes every moment special.

6. Tradition.

How could we capture this one? Capturing photos from festivities and celebrations is a good way. The dances could be ritual or courtship that might be an event worth shooting.

Ask people native to the area. You could get information about the people and the place as well as their beliefs, culture, tradition, etc., aside from gaining potential models. LOL. But yes, they could be your subjects to.

After gaining information about these, you could ask them directly the chances of capturing the display of their traditions.

7. Tourists.

Tourists like you are included in the list. This adds the completeness of the journey. In addition, you could show how tourist-friendly the place is or something else.

A place packed with diverse nationality is a sign of how awesome the place is. Moreover, you might gain some friends in the process. Ask them that you would love to take a photo of them. With this, you could achieve a great portrait and an understanding more aside from just pressing the shutter. On the other hand, you could go incognito. Trying to spot some raw scenarios. Just be careful not to look suspicious.

Travel photography


8. Food.

Of course, food is included in these travel photography tips. Your travel is not complete without  tasting the native delicacy of the place. So it is a must to capture this awesomeness on plate with your camera. You should capture every “what” the place has to offer.

In addition, these foods show the rich culture and history of the place. Foods were perfected through along journey and complicated traditions. We advice that you go around the area for awhile and look for some restaurants that offer  these kind of foods. Here is a better advice, research before you go. Know different foods that could be found in the locality.

This is how easy to preserve each adventures you have taken. We hope that this travel photography tips helped you a lot in planning your next awesome travel. 

Photography equipment you have to bring during your travel.


DSLR is not a must. However, it is an advantage. You could bring with you a mirrorless camera or a point and shoot camera. Just bring what is available. Be sure to have with you a backup camera just in case (your phone could be good).

Extra Battery

You do not want to run short of clicks. Be sure the batteries are fully charged and always ready and accessible.

Tripod or monopod

You need a helping hand from a tripod to make extra sharp images. You could also use them to capture your own photo (a selfie it is). It could also give stability in areas where there is  difficulty in doing so.

Wide-angle lens

It is handy and lightweight. Moreover, it could give you the wideness needed in capturing landscapes and architectural subjects. The phone camera has a wide lens that could be used in landscapes. If you do not have extra funds for a Wide lens, you don’t have to worry, your kitlens is also wide for that matter.

Telephoto Lens

You need this in capturing far subjects like wildlife.


Of course you need a bag to get your belongings in tact.

Some Cash

Just in case you need it. Who knows, but it’s always a good thing to be ready.


If you have any travel photography tips or any photography adventures during your travel that you wish to share, just contact us.


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